My training is Integrative which means I draw from a number of approaches, as appropriate. This might include:

– Psychodynamic work: exploring past experiences, particularly those from childhood, to understand how the past is holding you back and to find ways to free yourself from old patterns and move forward

– Humanistic approaches: understanding your current experience of life is key to bringing about change.  Humanistic approaches help you to explore your relationships, thoughts and emotions, gaining new insights and perspectives, opening the way to new ways of being and relating

– CBT & mindfulness based approaches: sometimes we get caught in habitual patterns: CBT and mindfulness based approaches provide the opportunity to ‘step back’ and see what behavioural loops and patterns we are caught in.  Awareness brings choice and the possibility of doing things differently, finding a way out of destructive or limiting patterns

– Existential & transpersonal awareness: at times the big unanswered questions of life can lie behind our difficulties; questions such as ‘what is it all for?’, ‘who am I?’ and ‘what does it all mean?’.  Reflecting on and finding personal meaning can be an important part of counselling and key to entering into life in a deeper, more satisfying way

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