I have published a number of articles on The Counselling Directory website – one of the main hubs in the UK for information and contacts in Counselling and Psychotherapy:

The inner bond – connecting with yourself

This article reflects on how we often focus on those we are close to, sometimes at the expense of understanding our own thoughts and feelings.  It continues by looking at the importance of developing our relationship with ourselves, so we can look within for answers and approval.


Managing emotions

This piece looks at how we often feel a choice between holding emotions in, or letting them out in ways that can get us into trouble.  It goes on to explore a different way of approaching feelings whereby we slow ourselves down, explore our own feelings first, before finding ways to share them with others in a constructive way.


The stories we tell ourselves

This article looks at how we constantly tell ourselves stories to make sense of our experience of the world.  It looks at how these stories influence how we feel about ourselves and others and how our stories can change.  “With our minds, we make the world”. Buddha.


Anxiety and the self

Anxiety is often focused on something “out there” in the world of our experience, but there is often an internal reason why we are prone to feeling anxious.  This article looks at how anxiety is often a sign that there is something we need to attend to within ourselves, a nudge from our inner world that there are feelings that are being overlooked.



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